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Asset Management Fees and Costs

An Overview of Our Asset Management and Brokerage Offerings, Fees and Costs

Asset Management fees are based on a graduated scale:

Annual Fee       Asset Min.       Asset Max.

1.000%             $0                     $1,000,000

0.900%            $1,000,001        $2,500,000

0.825%            $2,500,001        $5,000,000

0.750%            $5,000,001        $10,000,000

0.625%            $10,000,001      $25,000,000

0.500%            $25,000,001      $50,000,000

0.375%            $50,000,001       And up

It is the opinion of Kristine A. Boelte & Associates that as a general rule, fixed income assets are not cost effective for the firm's clients when held in a fee-based account (assets are currently custodied by TD Ameritrade).    For this reason, Kristine A. Boelte & Associates maintains a relationship with Summit Brokerage Services.  Fixed income investments are subject to a 1-1.5% fee known as a sales credit.  Commission costs in a brokerage account range from 1-1.5%.  Costs are incurred on a transactional basis and will be disclosed to the client as investments are recommended.

Minimum fees per household are $625/quarter and include a mandatory Investment Policy Agreement and a Basic Goals-Based Financial Plan and investment management for custodial (fee-based) assets of $250,000 or less.