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Kristine A. Boelte and Associates LLC

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Long considered the standard of excellence in Financial Planning, the CFP® certification represents my commitment of experience, education, and ethics.  Kristine Boelte earned the CFP mark in 2009.   She also earned a Master’s Degree in Personal Financial Planning, in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.  

Kristine A. Boelte & Associates, LLC was created in November 2015 based on the founder's relentless commitment to each client's financial well-being.  After 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Kristine believed she had a better way of providing the knowledge, experience, tools, and technology to optimize her client's financial planning experience.  We believe we can deliver a deeper and more meaningful financial planning than ever before, and at a level that cannot be delivered by “robo-advisors.”   

At Kristine A. Boelte & Associates, we practice according to the fiduciary standard.  This means we act in your best interest at all times.   When it comes to your finances, you deserve a financial planner who acts as your advocate, and who understands financial health is one of the cornerstones that allow you to live your best life, and your best life shouldn't start "someday."

We want you to know that you may be reading about us, but to us, it's about you.